Leader in the stainless steel products




Experience of  Joint & Welding is supported by a leading technology.

Constant development of  tooling machines enables the maximal performances for products with it’s best quality



Joint & Welding is a Belluno’s company, leader on the manufacturing of stainless steel components, specialized on O.E.M. production of semi-finished  components for different industrial sectors

Activity of J&W coverS the whole production process, such as “procurement of raw material” technical design, punching, Laser cutting, bending and assembling,  treatment of the surfaces of stainless steel and aluminium sheets.

With over two decades experience, J&W has sharpened a flexible and dynamic structure which allows an optimal management of the entire production process, granting to its customers a quick and profitable solutions for all the needs related with tooling of stainless steel


Joint and Welding is an high tech company in the field of stainless-steel, iron and aluminium. The Know-how achieved during the years allows the company to comply with the different targets of its customers

on the Energy

j&w green energy
J&W is equipped with an autonomus photovoltaic plant of 100 kW which grants clean energy and energy saving.

We can then assure a
"green friendly"production