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Sedico (Belluno)
 via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 25/A.



Coming from S-W:

From Feltre and Primiero on the SP 50, reach the traffic light of the town Bribano, then the runbound of Sedico. Turn left to direction of Trichiana for approx. 200 meters, then immediately turn left on correspondence of a wide parking.
Company is already visible from the road, and has a wide parking available for customers.

Coming from south:

From Trichiana and Treviso, after having taken the new runabound, proceed in direction Sedico-Feltre.
Just before the runabound of Bribano, Sedico, turn right in correspondence of the square
Company is visible already from the road, with a wide parking available for its Customers


Coming from North-east:

Arriving from Belluno, and passing the Village of Sedico, proceed up to the runabound of Bribano, 
turn Left in direction of Trichiana for approx 200 meters, then immediately turn left in correspondence of a wide square.
Company has a wide private parking available for its customers


stabilimento J&W


Joint & Welding - Sedico (Belluno)

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Fax +39 0437 82657
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on the Energy

j&w green energy
J&W is equipped with an autonomus photovoltaic plant of 100 kW which grants clean energy and energy saving.

We can then assure a
"green friendly"production