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Hydraulic bending machine mod. Mecos

piegatrice idraulica


Bending Syncro 200 ton.
4000 mm 7 assi

Bending Syncro 100 ton.
3000 mm 7 assi 

Bending Syncro 70  ton.
2500 mm 7 assipiegatrice idraulica

Bending machine  Syncro 50 ton.
2000 mm 7 assi

Bending  Syncro 30 ton. 
1250 mm 4 assi

Bending  Mini 30 ton. piegatrice idraulica
1250 mm 3 assi





Great production volume for all dimensions, maximal versatility, wide availability of punching tools of all types. Very small tolerances and multiple stations to contain working cycles

piegatrice idraulica









on the Energy

j&w green energy
J&W is equipped with an autonomus photovoltaic plant of 100 kW which grants clean energy and energy saving.

We can then assure a
"green friendly"production