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Finn Power SGE6 punching machine

punzonatrice laser finn


Combined cutting machine, Shear Genius SGe

MGreather productivity with integrated angular cutting

Hart of new Shear Genius® SGe is represented by a last generation punching machine.

Angle cutter have a servo-electric  activation system which allows all movements of cutting perfectly and simultaneously controlled. Combination of those two phases of tooling, allows an optimisation of the entire productive cycle and process of removal and selection of the components have been fully automatized

SGe includes all advantages of servo-electric punching machines and all solutions of automation of  the gear Genius®.

Use of servo-electric technology for SGe have allowed to sharpen and optimize different functions like, tooling change, velocity of the rotating tools. Times of tool replacement, cutter reduce to minimum all sequences, with an highly increased productivity. Other features well noticed, like for example, the automatic setting of the blades, have been maintained on the way to preserve a high quality of the surface of the pieces.. Complessively, the output of product components  is of approximatively 5 to 15% higher than traditional hydraulic models.

An efficient production of single pieces…

Shear Genius® can be used as a tooling machine with an high versatile and high performance head.
Quick setting, wide capacity of tools and easy operations of load and upload, make it perfect also for production of single pieces.


...and a large scale mass production

Advantages of Shear Genius® can then be used at its best on serial production. The process starts with automatic load of the pieces and stops with removal and automatic selection of the cutted pieces.

Before of the  above operations, deformation, bending, flaring  and punching are executed automatically, as programmed

Results are always optimized for a greater productivity and sustainability.



punzonatrice finn



Field of Operation 1500x3000

Punching torque 30 Tons.

Operational thickness 0,5 to a max 4,0 mm

Automatic load and unload


on the Energy

j&w green energy
J&W is equipped with an autonomus photovoltaic plant of 100 kW which grants clean energy and energy saving.

We can then assure a
"green friendly"production